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About Product Infinite Options

Create multiple fields on product page & get entered details.
Product Infinite Options app allows store admin to create dynamic fields on the product page it can be the text, long text, radio, dropdown and image field.

Using these app customers are able to provide customization related information to the store admin as well as the store owner is able to collect the information from the customers.

Why Choose Product Infinite Options?

Multi Location:
  • To show customization form on all products
  • To show customization form on specific product’s
  • To show customization form on all products in a specific location
Multi Options:
  • Admin able to create more then 1 fields.
  • Admin create the multi time same fields, example: Multiple Textboxes
  • Easy to create dropdown and radio button with multiple options.
Multi Layout:
  • Admin show the form as Collapsible when page load.
  • Also show the simple layout when page load.

This app will provide more benefits like:

  • Increase your sell to provide better-customized products
  • To get customers information using product customization form
  • To provide the customer with better quality products.
  • Will help customers to get customizable products.

You can get the app in your store using this Download Button. Click on it and install the app and if you face any issue then just let me know we will help you to fix the issue within some time.