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About I Agree To Terms

You can add an I agree to the terms and conditions checkbox to your cart page so that customers are must check before going to the checkout. If a customer doesn’t check the checkbox before clicking the checkout button, an alert popup will prevent them.
In this app, your customers will have agreed to your terms and condition. This app helps to understand your policy to the customers. As well as no any code required to show the checkbox on the cart page. Then you feel free and secure knowing that your customers will have agreed to your terms and conditions. Nowadays, customers check the company’s legal conditions so using terms checkbox it will build a good impression on our customers.

Main Feature

  • Use checkbox in your cart or popup in one click.
  • You can add checkbox text, warning message in your store language.
  • Increase the size of checkbox and able to apply custom design as per your theme.
  • Choose the one layout from different other layouts.
  • Easy to use and manage settings.

You can get the app in your store using this Download Button. Click on it and install app and if you face any issue then just let me know we will help you to fix the issue within some time.
  1. Jun 27.2020 / 9:15 am / Reply

    I have got in in my store. But i would like that its already checked. Is that possible?

    • Jul 9.2020 / 3:52 am / Reply

      @Michel Viante

      Yes, it is possible. Currently, this feature is not available with the app but if you want then we will customize the app for you.

  2. Jul 8.2020 / 11:08 pm / Reply

    Am i able to add multiple checkboxes in the cart with this app? For example, I want to add a “terms and conditions” check box and a completely separate one for a “hold harmless” checkbox and possibly another one for shipping. Is that possible

    • Jul 9.2020 / 3:54 am / Reply


      Currently, the app only provides one checkbox on the cart page.
      If you want more checkboxes, then we need to customize the app for you.